Uncut Gems

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 Hell or High Water
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Hài , Tội phạm , Chính kịchLượt đánh giá: 3

Mạch phim xoay quanh anh chàng Howard Ratner đang là chủ một shop đá quý . Ấy vây anh lại là một con nghiện cờ bạc chính hiệu và tự vướng chân mình vào một khố nợ khủng khiếp . Thu nhập của bản thân dường như không đáng là gì so với số nơ do thói nghiện đỏ đen của anh , Howard Ratner quyết đinh làm mọi cách có thể để trả hết nợ trước khi các chủ nợ tìm đến đòi mạng anh . Chuyến phiêu lưu kiếm tiền trả nợ của anh bắt đầu từ đây .

Đánh giá

Thể loại:
Hài , Tội phạm , Chính kịch
Đạo diễn:
Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie
Diễn viên:
Adam Sandler, Julia Fox, Kevin Garnett
Khởi chiếu:
Thời lượng:
125 phút
Sắp xếp theo:
Hay nhất
Julia Tran
Josh and Benny Safdie, against all odds, have made lightning strike again. Equal parts Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann, and John Cassavetes, Uncut Gems is the kind of pure, raw, pulse-pounding, nerve-shredding, unfiltered type of cinema that I absolutely fucking live for. A spiraling, kaleidoscopic character piece that makes you feel like you’re about to have a panic attack for nearly 80 percent of the total runtime.

A lot of the magic of Uncut Gems is undoubtedly due to Sandler’s commanding presence as Howard, in a performance as worthy of the heaps of praise it’s been given, stacking right up alongside Pattinson’s performance as Connie Nikas in the Safdie’s last film. The central appeal of the film is roughly the same as Good Time as well: put a well-defined character into a tough situation and see what exactly he does to get out of it, in the process you see people of wicked cunning and endless charisma dodging in and out of endless circumstantial follies that fold in on one another on a minute by minute basis. Comparing the two films feels reductive, but both films have a traceable aesthetic and approach to how they navigate the world they setup, and the whole time, I couldn’t get the thought of open-world video games out of my head. Both Gems and Good Time feel like a Grand Theft Auto or Yakuza game playing out in real time, where you’re locked in with a specific character and experience but the fun is really all in how you get from A to B. Whereas Connie was basically a situational escape artist with a very clear goal, constantly going to new and incredible extremes to be able to see his rescue of his brother through, Howard is almost the opposite. Howard seems to be unable to move forward, caught up in a psychological dependency on the desire, the NEED, to dig himself into a deeper hole. He wants to push his luck as far as humanly possible, getting involved in a near incomprehensible web of lies, loans, and unreliable people in order to risk it, and not just come out on top, but to make the victory feel as sweet as possible. To stick to my video game comparison, Connie Nikas is like playing a linear game on ‘Hard’ difficulty whilst trying to speedrun it , Howard however is playing a dungeon crawler on hard with permadeath on so he can get as big a reward as possible with as large of a risk as he can fathom. 

Good Time is far from what I’d call an ‘easy’ watch, as it’s a movie that gives you whiplash by design, but Uncut Gems here is something else. Connie was focused, determined, and resourceful, the structure of the film abiding purely to his agency as a character by his decisions. It’s a clear ‘point A’ to ‘point B’. Howard however feels like he’s caught up in an ever evolving anxiety-inducing cyclical nightmare largely of his own making. Between the score that sounds like a mixture of Tangerine Dream synths right out of ‘Thief’ and the jazzy but psychedelic electronic haze of something like Vangelis, the absolutely relentless assault that is Darius Khondji’s incredible motivated camerawork and the ferocious editing and sound mixing, it’s a two hour long experience that carries its audience along with it kicking and screaming, and thankfully for me, I’m a hell of a masochist. 

Josh, Benny, my dudes, never stop making movies. I don’t care if you keep making movies that are barely distinguishable from one another with new main characters we get to explore via this hedonistic whirlwind of insane human greed and capitalistic horror, then so be it. Uncut Gems will kick your ass, it’s caustic abrasion being both the core appeal and what will turn people away from it. Fuck ‘Oscar for Sandman’- throw Oscars at the entire fucking movie. 

I can’t lie, it was really nice to forget about the blockbuster hell we inhabit with a deeply immersive, gorgeous piece of work like this. This is why I love movies, when people can somehow make an experience feel visceral and profound in equal parts without even needing to claw at my sentimental side. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and go ‘now that, THAT was a fuckin film’- without a doubt, one of 2019’s best films, another phenomenal entry in the Safdie catalog, and a movie I can confidently say I had not one damn problem with.
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